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KADEP is a life-affirming day program for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), brain injury, and other acquired neurological conditions. Our mission is to promote the functioning, wellness, independence and life enjoyment of younger adults, ages 18 and up, with neurological challenges.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letter from KADEP's Program Director

Dear Participants and Caregivers

As the new semester approaches we wanted to take the opportunity to talk to our participants and caregivers about early departures. In the past few months we have begun to notice that transportation providers are coming earlier to pick up clients to take them home. We want to be sure that our participants are getting the full benefit of our program day and we are finding that many clients are missing out on the afternoon activities due to these early departures. Our staff has also found it increasingly difficult to provide services when participants are continually leaving at all times of the afternoon. It has become a challenge to determine day-to-day how many participants will actually be in attendance for afternoon classes. This in turn makes it hard to order adequate supplies and prepare in advance for the activity.

Our afternoon activities are scheduled to run until 2:45 pm. We want to ask for your cooperation to schedule rides no earlier than 2:30 pm to allow for less disruption to the activities. We want our participants to enjoy the benefit of the recreation and leisure activities that we provide and we want our staff to feel as though they can facilitate these types of activities without having so many disruptions.

We do understand that some individuals are in situations that they need to leave early or need to have a shortened program day. If you are in this category please contact me so we may discuss a modified schedule that will suit your needs and will not disturb our afternoon programming. I can be reached at (303) 433-6887 ext 115.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Ginny Wagner, CTRS

Program Director

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