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KADEP is a life-affirming day program for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), brain injury, and other acquired neurological conditions. Our mission is to promote the functioning, wellness, independence and life enjoyment of younger adults, ages 18 and up, with neurological challenges.

For information about KADEP or to schedule a tour, please call 303-433-6887 or email KADEPinfo@mscenter.org

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A message from KADEP Program Director...

A message from Ginny, KADEP Program Director, on the left...

Your attendance at KADEP is IMPORTANT!
Beginning with the month of September we have a goal to have over 60 participants attend the program everyday. It is critical that we not only continue to grow the program, facing our current Medicaid cuts, but to get KADEP participants to show up for their scheduled days.  We understand that 100% attendance is challenging, however we ask that try your best to schedule appointments on days that you do not attend the program.  If you are sick, have a medical appointment, or have other reasons for being asbent, please let Maria know, so we know that you are OK.  Each participant is  part of the KADEP family,and we look forward to having you on your schedule days!

 If we accomplish this goal…Let’s have a party!

It will be a group effort to reach 60 plus participants each day.  Keep an eye on the blog to see how well we are doing.  Thank you in advance for your attendance and continuing to be a part of the KADEP family! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ginny Wagner, KADEP Program Director, at 303-433-6887  or email wagner@mscenter.org

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